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Test your skills with our amazing Obstacle Challenge Race. We will pick teams of three who will then learn Escape and Evade training.

Your team will overcome challenges such as our fitness trail, boat crew course, and log training.

Participants will escape the "opposition" on the evasion trail.

Competition teams may opt in to have flags that the "opposition" aims to remove from your waist.

Mr. Bigbee,
The Elite Pursuit was such a neat event. Well organized, affordable, team builder, confidence booster, family oriented, perfect venue, lovely weather and tasty meal. Kudos to you and your event helpers. I do hope this will become an annual event. Corey, Rhett and I had a fabulous day with the Academy yesterday!

Glenda Thompson

Everyone will finish the race... so don't worry. SEAL assistant instructors will be there to help you along the way, making this a fun, exciting and SAFE event for everyone!

Competition teams will be timed and tracked live on Facebook and Twitter, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

 It all ends with an end of day "Survivors Party" - Tasty Brazilian Style cookout and swim party at the reservoir.

All participants receive a t-shirt, face painting, dog tags and pictures.

What better way to spend the day with your martial art family???
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