Elite Pursuit Obstacle Race Info

Our E3 - Elite Pursuit Obstacle Race is an amazing experience and about to take the country by storm. Kenny Bigbee, owner of Dragonfly Martial Arts, is a martial art instructor and business owner who has been teaching for over a decade. At Dragonfly Martial arts you can learn BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. He developed the E3 concept after seeing many other races that were drawing a great deal of people.

Mr. Bigbee has taken his military, martial art and personal training experience, and developed this one-of-a-kind race. E3 - Elite Pursuit Obstacle Race is like nothing you have ever experience.

It is perfect for the hard-core athlete, as well as the runner and team run challenge/enthusiast. Not only can you test and push yourself to the limits, you can also elect to learn evasion and get a feel for what it is like to "Train like the Navy SEALS, without actually being one!" This can also be fun for the entire family. You can choose to work at your own pace in a safe, secure environment.

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